Friday, November 30, 2012

Stringing Day

We're finishing up our last round of DeeDee Resin Dolls. There are three steps to finishing: Painting the face, stringing the doll and, the best part, dressing / packing. Below are some photos showing the stringing process.

Here I am laying in my bed supervising Bogie as she strings her dolls. Under the shelf you can see the doll parts divided into trays. Bogie examines each doll part before assembly. The white board in front is her stringing board. Tools include: elastic cord which she knots and secures with hot glue, ribbon and a hand made metal tool Bogie uses to pull the cord through the doll parts, and round tip pliers for folding over wire hooks.

Bogie begins with the torso and legs. She positions the cords around her screw pins. Then she strings ribbon through the cord and attaches it to her wire tool. The wire tool and ribbon is threaded through the doll part. Bogie then pulls on the ribbon which forces the cord through the part. The cord is positioned back on it's pin to hold it in place until she's done.

To complete the legs Bogie hooks the knee joint to the cord. Having the cords on their pins makes this step especially easy.

Here is DeeDee helping with the arms and hands. Once all the pieces are in place a wooden peg is temporarily put into the neck cord so it doesn't slip back down into the torso.  The cord is then pulled off it's pins and, Voila!!,  a doll body is born.