Friday, May 25, 2012

Mini Gazebo Section - Behind the scenes

There's been lots of construction going on at the Bougas Camp. Deck repairs. Terrain leveling. Lap pool installation. Tree cutting and removal (lots of wood for this winter.) Landscaping and general clean up. In short, lots of new piles of lumber and stacks of tools for my kitty paws to explore. Between the doll company and the construction, Bogie has a lot do in her "day job."

But on the weekends, yes, after work, Bogie has been putting her creative juices into smaller construction projects. She used to produce most of her Room with a View (RWV) items in photoshop. Recently she discovered it's easier to create her scenes in miniature, photograph them and then take them into photoshop. I'm lovin' the mini stuff. Lots of little bits to bat about the studio. (Oh, it so fun knocking off just the piece Bogie needs when she's not looking.)

Here's a little mini Gazebo section Bogie produced last year and finally found the time to photograph. I was peeking at her computer yesterday. It looks like she has several "views" that are going to be perfect for the backdrop.

As usual, enjoy.


A mini Gazebo section made from bass wood. Bogie will photograph it from different
angles then compose the sections in photoshop.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Welcome to our new home for the Bella Studio and Clea Bella Fan Club. There's lots going on in this little studio. Doll making. Furniture making. Dollhouse creation... and actual human size construction.  Best of all, there's always some very needed, small part just waiting for me to bat around and hide from Bogie.

This has been a strange year so far. Many computer crashes. A hot tub moved off a deck and put in front of Bogie's studio door. A big hole dug in the backyard to make room for a lap pool and now deer breaking into our yard and eating our flowers. Thank goodness Bogie's been safe in her studio (when she could get past the hot tub) finishing old projects and finally catching up on her computer tasks... such as starting this blog.

This month Bogie was able to update the website and add five new Four Season Magnetic Window Panels.  ( ) to go with our collapsable diorama Room With a View. These are scaled for 12" to 16" scaled dolls.

Lake Tahoe

San Francisco Day

San Francisco Night

Seattle Day

Seattle Night.

That's if for now. Everyone have a great week.