Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seeing Red - French Chair

Today it's too warm to be outside but just cool enough to hang out with Bogie in her studio (which gets miserably stuffy when it gets over 95 degrees outside.)

After finishing all the Stripe French Chairs Bogie discovered she had more parts left over than she expected. To celebrate, Bogie played for a few hours and used a red "happy" fabric she's always wanted to use. The chair is painted in a darker ivory and has a bit more gold accent that the stripe chairs. If you are interested in giving this chair a home be sure to e-mail us.

Keepin' it short today,

RED FRENCH CHAIR - $75 plus shipping.
If you are interested in this chair contact us at
Update 7/3/12: SOLD

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sneak Peek at Spinner's End

I had a kitty thrill yesterday. A deer got into our backyard. I would have chased it away but it was bigger than me. So, instead, I just quietly watched as it ate all of Bogie's flowers. (hee, hee, meow.) Alas, Bogie didn't think it was as funny as I did.

But that's not the big news. Many collectors have written me (Ok, they've written Bogie) and have been dismayed at how their display space for their larger dolls seems to be disappearing (meaning, there's no more room for their large dolls.) It's a natural course for higher end doll artists to shrink their doll lines down to the 12 inch play scale. But Bogie wants to stay away from mass manufacturing and stick to the more OOAK, limited edition and artistic side of the craft. After finishing her doll chair orders, Bogie took a week off to "play". She was able to finalize her plans for expanding Clea's world -- or, I should say shrinking it down to dollhouse scale (1:12).

Many of you already know that Windslow Valley, England is the fictional world of Clea's boyfriend James Windslow. In our ongoing Clea Bella story line, Clea is going to leave her beloved Pasadena, CA to accept a full time position as the Windslow Valley Arts Director. Besides Dance and Theatre, Clea will be exploring some of the more story book charm and history of this secluded little valley in Britain's Lake District. We will still be producing 16" dolls and 1:4 scale RWVs, but we are excited about expanding Clea's world into miniature... beginning with "Spinners End."

 "Spinner's End."  Special call out to Mary Desert for suggesting the theme of spinning yarn. We now have a wonderful story and some fun dolls and details centered around the spinning yarn theme. This picture is still in progress. We still have some details, such as the address sign, to finish.

This is Bogie's first dollhouse and the first stop on the "Windslow Valley Visitor's Tour." It was a Greenleaf Glencroft dollhouse kit Bogie received for Christmas.  She "bashed" it (changed it) quite a bit and completely covered it in Creative Paperclay. It will be the jumping off point for RWV scenes, dolls and accessories. Bogie only gets to work on the house on the weekends after work, so it is taking some time to complete. But with the DeeDee Doll deliveries almost done, it won't be long before Bogie gets to finish this and update the doll line and the website.

If you are interested in seeing "Spinners End" in person, visit Bogie at the upcoming Tom Bishop San Francisco Bay Area Miniatures Show, Embassy Suits SF Airport, South San Francisco, Friday Preview July 13th 6:30-9:30pm ($12) / Saturday show July 14th 10am - 4pm. ($6). Tickets at the door. For more info go to:

In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek. Stay cool these warm June days. And please, my furry friends, don't let the deer get into your flower gardens! The humans get way too upset.


The Glencroft Dollhouse as it comes as a kit.
Can you see how we changed the roof line
and gable peaks.

Left side of Spinner's End
Right side.

Water plays a huge part in Windslow Valley. Lakes, creeks, rivers and waterfalls are abundant so naturally our little house needs a little pond in front of it.

Yarn detail over door before it was painted.
Close up of Chimney.
An upcoming mini for both 1:4 and 1:12 scale as well as a sneak peek at Clea as Sarah Spinner.